essential to taste

Kia ora. Welcome to great oil created from local living olives...

  • Dali Frantoio, a World’s Best Olive Oil, summer in a bottle
  • Dali Picual, top robust oil Spanish-style
  • Dali Coupage, leading Tuscan-style blend
  • Dali Koroneiki, sublime Greek-style for all seasons

And great olives...

  • Dali Kalamata, Martinborough gems under dark skies

From thriving earth, Dali leads in crafting olives for flavour and health. Living olives and oil powered by phenols, nature’s antioxidants. The healthiest oil tastes the best. And in Martinborough we produce some of the finest in Aotearoa and the world - essential to taste.

“...a triumph... divine... sublime... best I’ve tasted…bloody fantastic...” – customers

“...well balanced, harmonious, complex...” – international olive oil judges

super premium

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is proven goodness – cold-milled, first extraction, no additives, infusions or impurities. EVOO demands highest standards in grove management, pressing and storage – and a certificate of approval. See the red sticker on each bottle.

Dali goes one step further. Our EVOO contains some of the highest phenols (nature’s antioxidants) ever certified for New Zealand olive oil. Regularly consuming higher phenolic content in EVOO – above 250mg/kg – brings several health benefits. Dali was the first in New Zealand to label total polyphenols so you know the benefits we bring to you.

Dali transfers superior Estate management, care and nature directly to the bottle. That’s why we call Dali Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The name Dali is
as enduring and noble as the olive itself. Dali is a composite image
for our olive grove.

Dali expresses global influences – olive varieties transported to New Zealand, the last country to be settled. Local influences provide added benefits – flavours translated by local terroir and sustainable grove management.

Dali Moments


Dali denotes leadership. We proudly progress the best olive oil making. As guardians of a Martinborough olive grove since 2011 we’ve sailed in a new direction to:

  • Win ‘A World’s Best Olive Oil’ in New York, several Best in Class, top medals
  • Win ‘The Best Luxury Olive Oils in the World’, one of 25 groves worldwide, a first for NZ
  • Record polyphenols on our labels, the first in NZ to do so
  • Grow by Bio-dynamic and Organic practices, doubling soil carbon in five years
  • Produce our region’s first commercial Kalamata olives
  • Contribute to UNICEF from sales

Dali Estate undulates north on Martinborough loam soil. It supports 1100 trees thanks to innovative, regenerative farming practices. Trees grow in a diverse sward amid an indigenous wetland and assorted fruit, nut, and nitrogen-fixing trees. Biodiversity breeds beneficial soil and biotic life.

Soil is the tree’s stomach. As the world depletes its vital topsoil and humus, we are adding to ours. In five years, Dali Estate has doubled its Organic Matter and soil carbon, the building blocks of the fertile layer and soil energy.

Soil quality is matched above the ground with seasonal foliar sprays developed by the world’s leading agronomists. Delivered to meet needs. Nature and science hand in hand.

Adding to grove care, Dali fruit is hand-harvested, caught on the fly above the ground, and pressed early to maximise flavour and phenols, ensuring you taste living olives in our EVOO.

Dali Estate applies global and our own research, including a new method to determine harvest time. Our small environmental footprint aims to always be carbon negative.

We are a family-owned business. Ross Vintiner is the Olive Oil Maker supported by partner Andrea Stewart and daughters Zeenat and Sazia. Dali could not exist without invaluable customers, local advisors, services, helpers, and the wonderful outlets that use and sell Dali.

Thanks to the village – and nature – for helping us produce great olive oil and olives.

your dali

Dali Picual

250ml & 750ml of gourmet passion from the Estate’s supreme Spanish varietal, Picual. Intense green, full flavour with hints of leaf, watercress, almond, apple, the world’s most stable oil with long shelf life, high smoke point and high polyphenols. Best in Class and Gold Medals.

Food match: Stronger foods and diva moods like roasted or frying dishes, stir fries, spiced dishes, bold soups, bread, cheese, fish, meat, roast vegetable salad, dipping if you dare, Shiraz wine

Dali Frantoio

250ml & 750ml of golden oil from the Tuscan queen of olives, the sublime Frantoio, an Estate favourite for summer dishes that last all year. Judged in New York as a Wold’s Best Olive Oil, Best in Class, Champion and Gold Medals.

Food match: lighter and sweeter foods, salads, cheese, dips, chocolate, ice cream, citrus zest, the one to use when you want to infuse oil, far superior made fresh in your pan; Sauvignon Blanc

Dali Coupage

250ml coupage (blend) of herbaceous oils from Tuscan varieties Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino, a luscious kiss of spice, versatile for all occasions. Good enough for a Gold Medal and to match with local Pinot Noir.

Food match: Mediterranean such as pasta, pizza, frittata, risotto, drizzle over vegetables, salads, soups, couscous, ciabatta bread, dipping, great for making bread, pesto, hummus, sauces, muffins and cakes – use instead of butter

Dali Koroneiki

250ml of Greek magic made in Martinborough. Deep flavours, an oil for all seasons with potential to become the great oil of New Zealand. On the rise. Climbing the medal board.

Food match: As for Dali Coupage but with even greater versatility. Like Dali Picual this oil stands kitchen heat. For frying stronger foods, like seafood and vegetables, drizzling, dipping. Turn on the music and let Koroneiki sing.

Dali Kalamata

Local gems in a bottle, the first commercial Kalamata olives in Wairarapa, firm, rich, addictive. Warm with Dali Frantoio. Awarded.


The enemies of olive oil are air, light, moisture, heat and time

For best flavour and health benefits of true extra virgin olive oil, select fresh, certified oil in dark glass bottles (less than 24 months from the harvest/milling date)

Store the closed bottles in a cool (15-18C), dark, dry place (not refrigerator)

When opened, use EVOO within two months and olives within two weeks

Look for oils high in polyphenols (above 250mg/kg are best) – Dali polyphenol levels are recorded on each bottle

contact & ordering

To order, join our mailing list or to provide feedback, please email:

Facebook page: @daliolives

Please read the Blogs for latest Dali news, recipes and tips on ways to use great olive oil and olives. Thank you for your time.


Orders are open for lots of 6x or 12x 750ml bottles of Dali Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Dali Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil only. POA, plus courier charges to Aotearoa NZ destinations.

Dali oils are available at Moore Wilson’s Fresh in the Wellington region and top Wellington and Wairarapa retailers and restaurants. Bulk sales are by negotiation.


Essential to Taste.